Macc McCray, born Kyle McCray Jr., is an emerging Hip-Hop/Rap artist making his way from West Orange, New Jersey. Born August 18th, 1993 in the Ivy Hill section of Newark and was raised there until the age of 14 and found a connection  with music. Macc taught himself to write songs at the age of eight by rewriting the lyrics of songs like “Purple Hills” by D12 and “Lay Low” by Snoop Dogg, copying the flow and cadences, later adding his own lyrics to fit the format. By 15, Macc got his first computer and learned to record and produce original music using Mixcraft and Fruity Loops.


With a deepened connection to music, Macc came across quite a few artists that made a major impact on his sound. Ranging from artists such as Kid Cudi, Lil’ Wayne, 50 Cent, Ace Hood, Kanye West, Charles Hamilton and more. 


Macc’s sound is energetic and motivating. Over the past 9 years, McCray has independently released 10+ projects, produced for himself and other emerging NJ artists. Macc is constantly working to improve because there is always more to learn as an artist whether its beat or business. Seems there are no signs that Macc McCray will slow down.